University of Maryland

SoDa Seed Grant Series: Correlating Population Demographics with Maryland’s County-Level Critical Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

Date: May 7, 2024

Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Location: Zoom

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SoDa Seed Grant Award Recipient: Charles Harry, Associate Research Professor, School of Public Policy and College of Information Studies, University of Maryland Industry Expert Guest Speaker: TBD

Abstract: Local government-controlled critical infrastructure relies on computer systems and is increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks that can disrupt its operation. This project aims to examine the relationship between cyber vulnerabilities in some critical infrastructure sectors in Maryland counties with available demographic factors to identify potential cyber security disparities across different communities in the state. We will leverage access to publicly available data of scans to infrastructure coupled with demographic data from the U.S. Census to conduct a series of statistical tests to explore the relationships between community characteristics and the levels of potential vulnerability of specific sectors of critical infrastructure. The results of this analysis should test the potential security disparities in counties with lower per capita income or who are home to majority underrepresented communities thereby exposing these to greater strategic cyber risk, and if so by how much. The results of this analysis will serve as an initial examination of the distribution of the potential of strategic vulnerability to community critical infrastructure, and can be used to drive efficient allocation of state resources to improve security of vulnerable populations.

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